Elio Antoine
Senior Web Designer
Elio Antoine
Senior Web Designer

Cooranbong Valley Preschool

  • Created By: Elio Antoine
  • Date: 19/02/2019
  • Client: Cooranbong Valley Community Preschool
  • Categories: Web Design, Domain Name, Web Hosting
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Cooranbong Valley Community Preschool, a non-profit community-owned institution, is dedicated to providing early education and care for children aged 3-6 years. With a strong commitment to fostering growth, development, and community engagement, the preschool aimed to enhance its online presence to better serve its community.

Client’s Objectives

  • Create a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate.
  • Provide parents and caregivers with a platform to access essential information.
  • Showcase the preschool’s facilities, programs, and staff.
  • Encourage community involvement and support.
  • Strengthen the preschool’s online brand identity.

Challenges Faced

  • Limited online presence and outdated website.
  • The need for a user-friendly design catering to parents and caregivers.
  • Ensuring that the website reflected the preschool’s welcoming and community-oriented approach.

Planning and Strategy

  • Collaborated with the preschool’s board to define clear goals.
  • Outlined a project scope, including website structure and features.
  • Determined a timeline and budget for the project.

Design and Development

  • Designed a website with a warm, inviting, and child-friendly aesthetic.
  • Incorporated the preschool’s colors and logo to maintain brand consistency.
  • Created an intuitive layout with easy navigation for parents.

Features and Functionality

  • Implemented an event calendar to keep parents informed about preschool activities.
  • Included a gallery section to showcase the preschool’s facilities and educational resources.
  • Integrated a contact form for inquiries and feedback.

User Experience (UX)

  • Ensured responsive design for accessibility on various devices.
  • Focused on an engaging user experience, especially for parents and caregivers seeking information quickly.

Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Rigorously tested the website for functionality, performance, and responsiveness.
  • Addressed and resolved any issues identified during testing.

Launch and Deployment

  • Assisted in domain registration and hosting setup.
  • Ensured a smooth transition from the old website to the new one.
  • Implemented security measures to protect user data.

Results and Impact

  • Increased website traffic with more parents and caregivers accessing the platform.
  • Enhanced communication between the preschool and the community.
  • Improved brand recognition and community engagement.
  • Positive feedback from parents and caregivers regarding the user-friendly design.

Future Plans

  • Continuous website maintenance and updates to meet evolving needs.
  • Further expansion of online resources and educational materials.
  • Strengthening community involvement through the website.


Cooranbong Valley Community Preschool’s revamped website has successfully empowered the institution to better connect with parents, caregivers, and the community. By focusing on user experience and engaging design, the preschool has achieved its objectives and strengthened its online presence as a community-oriented educational hub. The website continues to be a valuable resource for parents and a testament to the preschool’s commitment to early education and community engagement.